Our firm is moved by the intention of doing what we genuinely love. Our design is not strictly based on any defined style because design is an art of growing and shall never be bordered to enhance its contain. We tend to create a design that the user can appreciate once they start using it by implementing the balance between aesthetic and function.

BETA believes that design impacts all our lives in ways subtle and overt, where every object is a design function.

We don’t frame our client nor restrain our market since the design is emerging to fulfill everybody’s needs and solve any related issue without discrimination. 

Technical knowledge, social and political understanding, study and research, creative skill, and artistic judgment are fundamental assets to achieve good design.

We gladly challenge ourselves to grow by making our steps led by the profound curiosity of presenting concept – base design, architecture – interior.

Our Team

Airine Lukito

Principal designer - Founder

Airine received her Bachelor of Interior Design Degree from University of Chester, UK majoring in residential design and her diploma in Raffles Design Institute Jakarta.

Prior to establish Beta Design Studio with Ardie, she has gained professional experience in Jakarta, Surabaya and Singapore. Most of all, We aim to be exclusive among others as we will always use honest material in designing, resulting of design that balance between simplicity and functional.

Ardie Yapola

Principal designer - Founder

Ardie received his bachelor of interior design degree from University of chester, UK majoring in hospitality design and his diploma in Raffles design institute singapore.

Prior to founding Beta Design Studio with Airine, he has gained the professional experience with get the Gold Award in spade awards asia pasific – Hospitality design category 2015.